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Why Advertise?

Why Advertise

The goal of advertising is simple.  It should increase revenues and grow profits.  It should provide a positive return on the advertising expense.  In other words, it should return considerably more in sales than the cost of the advertising.

Visualize yourself standing in a busy doorway and handing a nickel or dime to each person passing through the door.  Then wait until the same people return and on the way out each one of them hands you back a dollar.

Sounds pretty good, huh? That's the way advertising should work.  You have to put some money up out front, but if your advertising is successful, you should get your money back and a whole lot more!

Image or institutional advertising may not be best for small to mid size businesses.  This type of advertising can cost a small fortune and is not designed to produce immediate results.  Instead, try advertising that's designed to produce quick and profitable results.  This type of advertising is referred to as "Direct Response" advertising.  Two sample ads follow.  The first is an example of an image or institutional ad and the second is an example of a direct response ad.  Each one has its own unique HEADLINE with accompanying text.

Image or Institutional Advertising

Providing Comfort And Quality For Over 50 Years.
Comfortmaker Couches are still the number 1 brand for comfort and relaxation in your home.  The full line of top quality couches is available at Dreamland Furniture in downtown Toronto.  We've been serving the community for more than 30 years and offer a full line of home furnishings you're sure to love.  We're open noon to 9 PM Monday thru Friday and Saturday 9-9.

Direct Response Advertising

You Have A Limited 2-Day Opportunity To Own The World's Most Comfortable Couch!

Yes, it's true. Dreamland Furniture is putting our remaining inventory of Comfortmaker couches on sale Friday and Saturday only.  A total of 37 of these top quality couches are in stock and will be sold on a first come, first served basis for two days only!  Not only can you save between $167 and $249 but you will also get a coupon good for 10% off any accessory in the store.  Plus, FREE delivery, which will save you an extra $40.  The store will open at 9 AM on both days.  Don't forget, the sale is Friday and Saturday only, or until all 37 Comfortmaker couches have been sold, whichever comes first. Don't miss out, only 37 of these incredible couches are available as part of this offer.

Without effective and response driven advertising, your company is almost sure to realize less revenue and lower profits than you can achieve with successful direct response advertising.

While there may be a few companies that are "maxed" out and couldn't fit another dollar into the cash register, the rest of us do experience a slow day, week or month when business trickles in.  There are few of us that can honestly say that we make money every day of the year. Hopefully, we have many more days when we "make" money and fewer days when we "lose' money.

If you agree with the statements above, then you would most likely share a common and popular objective of other successful companies.

Maximize the "Make Money" days and minimize the "Lose Money" days.

This is the goal of advertising.  It's to help you achieve the level of sales and profits that allow you to properly serve your customers, take care of your family, and provide fair wages to your employees while building wealth for your future.

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